Mackenzie’s Secret – New Christian Romance, Book 2 of Faith Triumphant Series

Not to be outdone (by herself) Jaelyn Jensen has issued Volume 2 of her Faith Triumphant Series, Mackenzie’s Secret, the paperback version.  The electronic version can be found here.

Seth’s back from his one year mission trip to Kenya. He’s hoping that “absence has made Mackenzie’s heart grow fonder.”

A romantic relationship with Seth appears to be the last thing on Mackenzie’s mind, especially now that she has a terrible secret she needs to divulge to her best friend.

They’ve been friends since grade school, but for Seth, it’s far more than “friends.”

When Seth starts talking about a future for them together, he can’t understand why “Kenzie” appears reluctant to give him an answer. When he finally worms the answer out of her, the devastating truth is hard for him to bear.

Will these two wanna-be lovers be able to weather the truth Mackenzie just revealed, or is their relationship doomed to end forever?

Mackenzie’s Secret is a fast-paced novelette with a clean but emotionally laden story. The twists and turns never fail to surprise and of course there are issues of the heart and of faith that must be worked out before the relationship either makes it – or doesn’t.

The print version of Mackenzie’s Secret can be found here.

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