Sarah’s Hope: A Contemporary Christian Romance (Faith Triumphant)

The end of Seth’s parents’ long-lived marriage was a shock to everyone, especially Seth’s mother, Sarah.

To take her mind off her misery, Sarah attends a high school reunion – reluctantly – in hopes that her now-ex husband will appear and see what he had given up. To that end she had dressed herself most attractively.

To her dismay, when her ex-husband did finally show up, it became crystal clear Sarah had no chance of re-winning his love.

But one school friend who did show was a real surprise to Sarah.

Does an old high-school crush have a chance to be rekindled, especially when it was never fanned to fruition so many years ago?

Sarah’s Hope is a fast-paced novelette with a clean but emotionally laden story. The twists and turns never fail to surprise and of course there are issues of the heart and of faith that must be worked out before the relationship either makes it – or doesn’t.

Be on the lookout for Books 1, Seth’s Dilemma, and 2, Mackenzie’s Secret, of this Faith Triumphant Book Series. With all three, you will be uplifted and inspired!

The paperback version of this book is conveniently created with Large Print, for ease of reading for everyone.