Seth’s Dilemma, Book 1 of Faith Triumphant Christian Romance Trilogy

Jaelyn Jensen has released the paperback Book 1 of her Faith Triumphant Trilogy, Seth’s Dilemma.

The ebook version is located here.

Seth’s a young, handsome teacher, with a dream of becoming a missionary in Kenya.  Mackenzie’s flighty, can’t seem to settle on a decision, and has a “thing” for older men.  They’ve been friends since grade school, but for Seth, it’s far more than “friends.” For her? Even she doesn’t appear to know. Or if she knows, she’s not telling.

When the all-important call comes from the mission director, can Seth find a way to secure Mackenzie’s love for him? Or is simply too much to ask for a decision before he has to leave for a year?

“Seth’s Dilemma” is a fast-paced novelette with a clean but emotionally laden story. The twists and turns never fail to surprise and of course there are issues of the heart and of faith that must be worked out before Seth’s dilemma is resolved.

You can purchase it here (paperback) or here (ebook).